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Robin Hood Coop is proud to announce its first round of funding for commons producing projects. Casa Nuvem is a place of work, research and production that hosts several independent collaborative projects focused on the creation of new exchanges between people and the public space, guided by a festive occupation of the city. Regular actions, workshops, seminars and other open activities are organized in the house, besides frequent interventions in outside target locations. It cooperates intensively with other groups and actors in a network of interactions that values above all the respect towards differences, respect for freedom of expression, freedom of the body, multiplicity of gender, the right to the city and alternative mobility.

Robin hood project

We have begun our 4th year at Robin hood and have now introduced Dental care as part of the main objectives. We have also kicked off Robin Hood Spanish School, with the main aim being to make our charity self-sustainable Target demographics: Target children for underprivileged families in Mancora, Peru.

Direct beneficiaries per year: Taylor, I am a nurse of 17 years who was injured on the job almost 10 years ago. I am contacting you because you have done so much good behind the scene that many don't know about, especially with your Robin Hood Project.

There is so much corruption going on with people, nurses who are injured on the job. I have had 2 back surgeries and 4 knee surgeries. Workman's compensations sent me to several 2nd opinions.

My case was closed 5 teas later and I was told to file for disability. I was told I was too young and too educated until I wrote President Obama who got me a court date. When my case was closed I kept searching for a doctor who could figure out why I wasn't getting better.

In short I found out in that I was walking around with the wrong back surgery and my bones in my spine Never healed. Everybody knew except me! Thee 2nd back surgery almost killed me and now my permanent disability was now worse.

I suffer in constant pain, there is never a time I am not in pain.

Poverty is complex.

Workman's compensation had in their possession all of the 6 doctors they sent me to said the same thing, Wrong Back Surgery, Spine bones not healed, a panel said get her away from that man, They kept this information from me so I couldn't sue, but even if I won the lottery today it wont take this pain away.

I am suffering Mr Taylor and the doctors said there is no more that can be done, I have to find away to live with the pain.

Robin hood project

I currently still walk with a cane, because I still need a total knee replacement, but they say I am too young. The nerve damage is SO Severe, I cant stand walk or sit for long periods.

Robin hood project

If the chair I sit in doesn't have cushion I temporarily lose feeling in both my legs. When I requested my chart the doctors offices told me I had to get copies from wkcomp because they paid for the visit. I explained not only am I the patient, I am a nurse and it doesn't matter who paid I have the ultimate right to my chart.

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The Game these people covered up, almost killed me just to avoid me suing them. I had to go to the doctors office and cut and act the fool. My current doctors couldn't get copies either and if they sent any papers pages were missing. I have spoken to over 60 lawyers in Georgia and surrounding states.

No one would take my case because the statute is only 2 years, with a 15 month extension of new discovery. None of the news station would run my story, No one will help me. My kids had to grow up real quick. I had to bring my son home from a full ride track scholarship because he went into a depression.

This is so hard for me and I am trying my best to stay positive but its hard. No one will help me expose this agency for who they are and changed the law that stated workmans compensation was not obligated to me so they didn't have to tell me that I had the wrong back surgery and my spine never healed.

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My current doctor said that when they opened me up it looked like oatmeal and he does not know or understand what the plates and screws were holding on to.

My surgery should have been 3 to 4 hours it took over 8 hours. I coded twice and they were afraid to give me any pain medications so I screamed for 3 weeks.

I am the parent and my kids watch me suffer everyday.Final Frontier Games is raising funds for Robin Hood and the Merry Men on Kickstarter! Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham.

Robin Hood staff members bring a variety of experience to the organization, and come from a wide range of backgrounds. The team includes former government officials, PhDs, attorneys, nonprofit leaders, and management experts. The Robin Hood Project was a United Kingdom-based charitable organisation, dedicated to improving the education of children in the Peruvian town of Máncora.

It closed on November 2, It closed on November 2, Area served: Peru. Rapper Game Launches ‘Robin Hood Project’ to Give Away $1 Million by Christmas that we all struggle with things in life rich and poor and as a black man you stand firm about what you believe your robin hood project is awsome.

game i feel like im in desperate need of help with my teenage boy he is 14 yrs old and already has been stabbed. Robin hood project.

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