Online assignment system

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Online assignment system

Online assignment system

Brain storming and ad hoc sessions Learning from others Knowledge sharing: However the most of organizations are protecting themselves and their business secrets from being disclose. This can be done with the help of internet, intranet, GSM, portals, mails, messaging, video conferences and search engines Dalkir and Liebowitz, Repositories, knowledge warehouses and databases etc.

Proper motivation and awareness is required to use the knowledge. Lack of interest and familiarity are barrier in use. With a knowledge directory, one can find the knowledge from specific one. Model for Knowledge Management System The study describes the transformation of information from tactical from to explicit knowledge so that it can be shared easily among workforce in Online assignment system manner.

Tactical information is received from the minds of experts by using various tools like interviews and teachings.

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Study has used the portal approach for efficiency but it required the internet or network to access the information in Online assignment system form and available at every branch of the bank.

It also involves the process of transmission and interpretation of information in SMS at receiver and sender side to accomplish the request. Sender and receiver device may be a personal computer or a mobile.

MangoDB as database service is connected to provide the access via serial port. Once the query is received at mobile terminal, AT command processor execute the query and return the data from database Kebede, The study also involves the creation of repositories to store and share information.

The flow of knowledge in the system has been shown below Above diagram described how various phases of the knowledge management system work with each other to deliver the information in real time and in consistent form.

The scope of the study is to enhance the knowledge bank in an organization so that efforts on the same practices can be reduced and new resources can be beneficiate with the available knowledge which is gathered from experts and experience.

Portals are effective solutions to have access on large amount of data in databases management. Easy interface and customization of portals is helpful to meet the need of each unit in organization.

Both the organization and user can control the view and information related to portals. Portals use the explicit to explicit knowledge conversion and support the data from different sources in an organization. Portals support the distribution of knowledge, storage and collaboration with others Rao, As a result, user gets the current and relevant information in minimum time and uses it to take decisions.

Knowledge Repository Back End A knowledge repository is an online databases to store, retrieve and categories the knowledge. They provide the central location to collect and contribute in the digital learning resources.

The digital circuit switched network is defined by GSM to offer full duplex voice telephones and changes are made with time to deliver the best experience in data communications.

Traditional circuit switches are being replaced with packet data. MS stands for mobile station and BSS for basic service set. Both communicate over the link of air and radio signals. Different areas of GSM network are: Each cell is given a Cell Global Identity CGI which is a number unique to identify the location of the device in network.

Group of cells is treated as location area and also known as cluster of cells. All the cells are under the service of a single BS. Each location area is covered by one or more BSS to ensure the service at edges. It is covered by one MSC.

The area covered by one network operator is called PLMN. Knowledge Management System Block diagram of the knowledge management system is shown below. As it is shown, user uses the mobile devices to syntax the upload or download request as according to need and modem transmit the request to the AT command in Server which interpret the request to perform the desired task.Information System Assignment Help from Online Professionals.

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