Munich olympics research essay

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Munich olympics research essay

Reporting immediately focused on Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki as the leader of the Athens Organizing Committee and who also delivered the proposal in front of the IOC. The Olympics in Greece was a success despite the overwhelming pressure put on the Greek organizers by the IOC and international concerns for security.

Articles by commented on the slow progress and offered considerable criticism after the IOC threatened to take the Games out of Athens. The Athens Organizing Committee acknowledged the challenge in its bid to the IOC in preparing an ancient city with a modern infrastructure and the promise of having a secure Games with its projected plan to succeed on both issues but the reporting before the Games offered little assurance this would be done.

The Economist reported that the European Community would pay half the cost for Greece staging the Olympics but not even a huge financial gift could make Munich olympics research essay for a government "desperately short on cash.

{draw:frame} The book “Striking Back” is a book about one of the most gruesome days in the history of Israel and Palestine. It is a story about the Munich Olympics, what happened there what happened after it and the status of Palestine and Israel. advanced research, study and discussion on the politics, culture and society of the In his essay, Leroy Hopkins gives an historical overview of the German The OPEC boycott following the Munich Olympics and a concomitant downturn in the world economy helped. GSG-9 was created because of the Munich Olympics when eight Arab commandos ran into the Olympic compound. Later, after taking the Israeli hostages, the Arabians .

A analysis for the Greek failed bid in the Sports Illustrated article "It's all Greek to them" also included a critical opinion of the presentation given by Greek actress Melina Mercouri.

Both the Economist and Sports Illustrated articles stressed that the Greek Olympic bid committee did more than just fail to impress but also alienated the IOC by demanding that the Olympics must be held in the country of the Games origin and offering no constructive plan to rebuild Athens' infrastructure.

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Success in Winning the Games The winning bid for the Games was built on the lessons learned from its mistakes in its pitch for the Centennial Games of The Sports Illustrated article portrayed Greece as giving a concrete plan to address infrastructure concerns and gave considerable amount of praise for the "riveting theater" presentation delivered by Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki and quotes an admiring IOC member, "Gianna did it all by herself.

The toughest task was the implementation of its proposal to the IOC.

Munich olympics research essay

By Greece's slow progress in reaching its proposed timetables such as construction of Olympic venues, lack of mass transit, and hotel accommodations was expressed in magazine articles with descriptive and critical titles, for example the Economist's article "Greece's Olympic Worry" October 7,"Greece Hits the Wall" by Time International July 10,and Maclean's "Olympic Mess" July 24, All three articles portray the Greek organizers as infective due to the bureaucracy of getting any task completed on time whether it was the large project of completing the Olympic Village down to even the smallest details citing the example of the former Athens Organizing Committee ATHOC president unable to hire a typist for over three months as reported in the Time International article.

The Economist called her the "tough Cretan lawyer who masterminded Greece's Olympic bid"Maclean described her charisma and leadership, and Time International focused on her demand of having a "free hand" to force her reorganization through the bureaucracy.

While praising the decision for Daskalaki to step in the warning in these articles in was the threat by the IOC that the games might be taken away from Greece.

By lateTime International wrote an article focused less on the bureaucratic problems and more on the progression of the improved infrastructure. Its article "Race Against Time" published December 10,featured a short question and answer session with Daskalaki who portrayed a sense of urgency with the remaining time left until the Games.

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Dinah Robinson's article in the December issue of the Business Traveller described the hundreds of construction cranes and the changing attitude of getting projects done on time.

The completion of a new airport in March was cited as a major accomplishment to help the transportation concerns of the IOC and since the article was written the IOC warning of losing the Games had been lifted. On the eve of the Games Time International and Guardian Unlimited published accounts of Athens almost not finishing preparations in time.

By August the games should be camera ready.

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Will they be visitor friendly" that provides a brief description of past setbacks and the progress made since Daskalaki reorganized and scaled back some of the more excessive projects. Duncan Mackay's article on July 23, in the Guardian Unlimited, "Athens is suddenly winning the race to be ready", gives more of a perspective by Greek officials in their quotes expressing their satisfaction at "defying predictions".

Both articles express a general feeling of relief on part of all involved in the Olympics including the citizens of Athens who had to live through the construction for the past four years.

With Greece's large coast line and its close location to the Middle East there was always a concern about the threat of terrorism.ABOUT US.

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Munich olympics research essay

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including the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, the hostage taking at the OPEC headquarters in Vienna, the sarin gas attacks in. The Munich massacre will be remembered as the beginning of the new age of international terrorism.

The terrorist hostage situation took place at the Olympics in Munich, Germany in This was to be the first time Germany will host the Olympic Games since World War II.

Documents, photographs, and links to sites about the Dachau concentration camp, , and memorial site, Created by history professor Harold Marcuse, author of Legacies of Dachau: The Uses and Abuses of a Concentration Camp, Media Representations of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Munich Olympics View Paper Media Representations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Munich Olympics The history of Palestinian-Israel conflict dates back to the end of Nineteenth century though fight for this holy land can be.

and the history of physical education Research the history of womens in North America, and then write an essay linking or comparing the two. participation in the games.

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