Luggage and united flight number

Government regulations leave a lot of wiggle room for airlines to stonewall customers who report baggage problems. Here are some tips on dealing with the airlines if your bag is lost, damaged or something is stolen from it. Another hurdle is the time limit on filing a claim. For international flights, Mosley said passengers must file a claim for damaged luggage within seven days of the flight, and within 21 days after receiving a bag that has been delayed.

Luggage and united flight number

Even a voucher for that amount is only fair. Rouppet Terence Shiel from Chicago, IL Aug 06, 20 my wife and I travelled from Dublin airport Ireland on August 1st to Chicago ohare international airport flight UAwas so crammed In our seats could hardly move our arms when it came time to eat.

After 2 hours or so in flight only 1 toilet was operating no explanation. We were like cattle in a pin im sorry to say it put a terrible taste in our mouths I dont think we will be flying United again I cant imagine how an airline can get away with such disregard to human beings its a disgrace that people have to put up with this Ive flown many airlines in my time but nothing as degrading as this Terence Shiel David Gensemer from Friendswood, TX Aug 03, 20 FREE flights for illegals??????

Of those individuals I was responsible for 6, 2 adults and 4 children. We also had a handicapped individual in our party. First, flight UA was delayed due to mechanical issues from being lbs overweight, resulting in a 3 hour layover missing our connecting flight UA Then our flight UA got delayed due to mechanical issues resulting in us missing our connecting flight UAresulting in us getting a flight unacceptable for our party.

We ended up driving the last 10 hours. I missed my connection and was re-booked on a flight to Houston, departing Denver at I arrived in Houston sometime after 2: I was booked on flight to Oklahoma city, at 7: I hadn't eaten anything all day and was not offered some kind of food or voucher for food.

I had expected to be home in Oklahoma City in a timely fashion so food would not have been a problem. I noticed other people in Denver at United customer service receiving drinking containers and other accommodations which was not offered to me.

I just wanted to let United know this was the worst experience I've had from an Airline carrier in my life. I can honestly say, I don't think I'll use United in the future, no repeat business for United Airlines.

I was assured by the CS rep that this would be handled to my satisfaction. In the meantime I had purchased a seat in Economy Plus awaiting an upgrade to Business class and this wasn't accomplished however I now had a seat in Econ Plus which was not my original seat and it abutted to an emergency exit so it wouldn't recline.

This is not acceptable for any flight but for a 7 hour flight it is atrocious! When I arrived in DUB my bag was not with me. I proceeded to Swissport where I filed a lost bag. The file number is UA I was told that my bag had gone on to EWR and that it would be at my hotel the next day.

This was not the case as my bag went to EWR and stayed for 24 hours and I didn't receive it until the evening of the 13th at my hotel which wasn't in Dublin as I was on a tour. The bag handle was up halfway and when I went to push it down I noted that it seem to have been sticking. Taking a closer look I saw that the handle was bent so now I had to yank it up and down to get it to work.

I was upset about the damage but glad to finally have my bag and instead of getting more irritated and taking the time out of my vacation to file a claim I chose to deal with this issue upon return to the states which was yesterday the 22nd.

Yesterday on my way to Dulles I was finally upgraded to business class just to note that my friend is 1K with United and was offering to pay my upgrades with his mileage due to the fact that I was vacationing for my birthday and to prove that United was the airline I needed to go back to from American as my previous vacation on United I went to Venice and my bag went to Frankfurt and it took 3 days to catch up to me.

I know you cannot be responsible for either but my patience was on thin ice due to our history together.

Luggage and united flight number

The bag was brand new and I bought it during a promotion Due to the great inconvenience I have been caused and the fact that I am looking for a decent compensation for not only the inconvenience but the time it took to contact my travel insurance company to follow thru with my finally receiving my bag; phone calls to United Swiss port daily and just the angst of everything in a nutshell I feel that I need to be compensated in a more respectful way.

I haven't been able to take a vacation for 8 years and this was not suppose to be such a cluster of dominoes falling away. I used to be a flight attendant with TWA for 17 years and even that fact no longer holds any water in getting upgraded or some extra consideration.

The family unit continues to deteriorate! Lastly, about your economy PlusBooked a flight? Check My Trip! The actual baggage allowance can differ per flight. That’s why we show you the exact baggage details for your trip on several moments: when you’re booking, in your booking confirmation, on your ticket and in My Trip.

1 item of hand baggage, max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm. Waiting in line at the airport to Check-in for a domestic flight can be frustrating. To avoid the possibility of long lines, use Web Check-in. United Airlines Check in Times: United Airlines Online Check-in Starting from 48 hours to 30 minutes before your scheduled Departure time.

You can print your Boarding pass (Confirmation Slip) at the end of the United Airlines Web Check in.

Cabin Baggage Restrictions

United Airlines, Inc., commonly referred to as “United”, is a major American airline carrier headquartered in Chicago, is the world’s largest airline when measured by number of destinations served. In the late s, just prior to the use of the United Airlines name, The Boeing Company, currently one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, operated a predecessor airline.

Find information about United Airlines flights and the latest on services from United including checking in, baggage allowance, and contact information.

from checked baggage may be reported to the United Airlines Baggage Resolution Service Center at its hour toll-free number BAGS. Get United airlines flight status & flight schedule. Call for flight booking. Please enter the flight number to check United Airlines flight status. For the third baggage United Airlines will charge $ to $ USD and additional bags depending on the route.

4) Overweight and Oversize Baggage Fees.

Luggage and united flight number
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