Leeds building society will writing service

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Leeds building society will writing service

Leeds Building Society Tax Strategy Overview At Leeds Building Society we recognise that tax pays for vital public services, which benefit our members, colleagues and communities, and gives us the strong foundations we need to thrive as a business in the long term.

It is our policy to comply with all applicable tax laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we operate. Risk appetite We have a very low appetite for tax risk.

In particular, we have zero tolerance for non-compliance and we will not act with the intention of achieving a tax position that is contrary to the intentions of Parliament. Management of tax risk We employ and train relevant colleagues to an appropriate level of knowledge to ensure that tax related activities are conducted accurately and in a professional manner.

Where we do not possess the appropriate level of expertise, we will engage the services of external tax advisers.

Work Life Balance

External advice will be sought for any transactions which could have a significant tax impact or where uncertainty as to the tax treatment exists. The Audit Committee is responsible for annual approval of the Tax Strategy and the Tax Risk Management Policy, which outlines how we approach the management of tax risk, on behalf of the Board last approval September Our Chief Financial Officer is the appointed executive director responsible for tax related matters on behalf of the Society.

Tax planning We manage our tax arrangements in line with genuine commercial activity and will not undertake transactions solely for the purposes of avoiding tax.

leeds building society will writing service

We will make use of tax reliefs to which we are entitled without taking an aggressive interpretation of the relevant legislation. We do not maintain any connection to tax havens other than for legitimate trading activity with the purpose of serving the local community in that jurisdiction.

We will not use marketed or abusive tax avoidance schemes which are likely to fall foul of tax avoidance legislation in any jurisdiction in which we operate. We seek to declare profits in the jurisdiction where their economic substance arises and report our tax position clearly in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Relationship with HMRC and other relevant tax authorities The Society, with support from our advisers, maintains a professional and transparent relationship with HMRC and other relevant tax authorities.

We will fully disclose significant uncertainties in relation to tax matters and seek to resolve issues before returns are filed wherever possible. We will proactively engage with the relevant tax authorities in advance of undertaking any transaction where there is significant uncertainty as to whether the transaction is contrary to the intentions of Parliament.Society offer a will writing service that is completely dedicated to your individual needs.

but we have years of experience service making it building stress-free process, Will Writing Solicitors in Leeds Making a will writing be service of the most important acts you ever carry out. Make a quick enquiry. The on-going service plan, the will-writing and probate support will now be provided by Philips Trust Corporation.

leeds building society will writing service

The contact details to make any amendments are: Buildings and contents insurance arranged by Leeds Building Society is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

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The ADR scheme for Leeds Building Society is the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and you therefore may choose to use the ODR platform to refer your complaint or write to FOS directly.

Ultimately, your complaint may be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9SR. We are committed to making Leeds Building Society a great place to work and this is strongly evidenced in colleague engagement scores.

Our approach to flexible working provides colleagues with a healthy balance towards professional and personal ambitions. Having the writing of mind writing loved ones and dependents will looked after and will estate is accounted service in accordance with cv writing service surrey express wishes society be a great comfort in later years, and our dedicated building of professionals have years of experience in guiding the people of Leeds through this process.

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