From 1600 to 1877 what major

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From 1600 to 1877 what major

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Timeline - In present-day Arizona and New Mexico, members of the Franciscan order from the Spanish settlements in Mexico establish missions in Hopi Indian tribe areas. May 13, - The three ships land in Jamestown, establishing the first English settlement in the United States.

There are settlers among them. Upon arrival, Captain John Smith is named to the governing council. More September 3, - Henry Hudson, working for the Dutch, sails into New York harbor and up the river that would bear his name to Albany.

From 1600 to 1877 what major

April 5, - The history of Jamestown continues with the marriage of Pocahontas to John Rolfe, who would bring tobacco seeds to the colony and begin its harvesting this year.

Their marriage led to eight years of peace among the colonists and Indians.

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July 30, - First representative assembly, the House of Burgesses, held in America is elected in Jamestown. The next month, the Dutch land with indentured servants, African slaves, in Jamestown. They explore the coastline for an appropriate settlement location.

December 11, - A landing party searches the coast for a suitable site for a settlement and start to move the entire party to Plymouth Harbor. Plymouth Rock was identified as the first solid land the Pilgrims set foot on. More December 20, -The Purtitans begin to establish settlement in Plymouth.

They form the Mayflower Compact, which established a government and legal structure.

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During the next winter, half of the colonists would perish. Site of the settlement had previously been the location of an Indian village that had been wiped out in by a plague. March 22, - The Indian Massacre of occurs when Chief Opchanacanough and the Powhatan Confederacy tried to rid the colony of settlers.

One third of the colony at the time, three hundred people, were killed. More March 25, - Maryland is founded as a Catholic colony promoting religious tolerance. July 20, - Pequot War begins between Pequot tribe and their alliance against the Massachusetts, Plymouth, and Saybrook colonies.

War ended on September 21, with the Treaty of Hartford. Only two hundred Pequot tribe members remained. Its charter would be granted eight years later as a democratic colony believing in the separation of church and state.

The Massachusetts colony becomes the first colony to legalize slavery. March 1, - York, Maine of the Massachusetts Colony known as Georgeana in colonial times becomes the first incorporated city in the American colonies. April 18, - In the last Indian rebellion in the region, Opchanacanough and the Powhatan Indians attack the English at Jamestown, but their effort is repulsed and proves unsuccessful.

May 29, - The constitution of the General Assembly of Rhode Island is drafted, under the values of separating church and state, as well as permitting public referendums and initiatives in legislation.U.S History 1 Spanjer. STUDY. PLAY. Jefferson Administration. Taxes on foreign trade Judicial Review Constitutional Veto first major financial crisis in the US, and happened during the Era of Good Feelings, due to the Embargo Act and War of , Missouri Compromise ().

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Significant Events In US History Timeline created by smileyme. In History. May 14, Period: Sep 1, to Sep 1, Significant Events In US History You might like: Assange.

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Who can edit: Jamestown Was the 1st permanant english settlement in the americas. Jul 30, Founding of the house of burgesses This was an early form of representative government in north america.

Major Events from The content contained within this timeline is aligned with the National Center for History in the Schools: World History Standards for Grades and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Social Studies Grade 8. In , as commanding general, Ulysses S.

Grant led the Union Armies to victory over the Confederacy in the American Civil War. As an American hero, Grant was later elected the 18th President of.

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