Freaky phenomena

Treatment[ edit ] Treatment by a physician involves assessing parental competence, and whether the parents set limits correctly and consistently. Physicians should rule out dysfunction in the family, referring dysfunctional families for family therapy and dysfunctional parents for parenting skills training, and counsel parents in methods for modifying their child's behavior. This behavior should be viewed as a distress signal indicating that some biological need is not being met. Although parents sometimes worry about spoiling their children by giving them too much attention, specialists in child development maintain that babies cannot be spoiled in the first six months of life.

Freaky phenomena

Fengu Ghost City is a tourist attraction featured along a Yangtze cruise. They supposedly became immortals. Thus was born Fengdu City of Ghosts — the hell theme and ghosts culture stuck.

This photo is of cool Ghost City architecture and a freaky scene on the roof. It displayed demonic images and torture devices, reflecting the idea that good people will be treated well in the afterlife and that bad people will be punished by going to hell.

Notice that this photo is of the same temple in Fengdu Ghost City as the first picture, but this Freaky phenomena a close-up of details on the roof. A better translation might be Ghost Girl? Up on Freaky phenomena hill, in a foggy setting perfect for ghosts, is the massive Devil Hotel.

It holds a Guinness World Record title as the biggest sculpture ever carved on rock. It stands meters feet tall and about meters feet wide, so that The Ghost King can be seen from all around the city.

Modoribashi means the Bridge to Hell. According to legend, the bridge has three identical stone arches.

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The middle arch is where people are tested, but there are many different protocols for crossing the bridge — all depending on age, gender, and marital status. Virtuous people pass over the bridge without problems, but evil people will supposedly fall into the pools below.

When visitors are about to leave, they are encouraged to pass the other two arches called the golden and silver bridges. According to local superstition, this will bring people good fortune.

In front of The Ghost Torturing Pass structure, there are 18 different scary sculptures of ferocious demons. Notice the heavy coat of dust? There are black and white impermanence folklore messenger of good and evil in the Soul. This is a pretty freaky place. Why are there bureaucrats in Chinese hell?

Because to the Chinese, the social structure in the hell will be exactly like it is in this world. In hell, a spirit would go through an entire bureaucracy to get the final sentence. Pure spirits would be rewarded and the sinful ones would be severely tortured.

Different tortures would be given for different sins.

Freaky phenomena

Photo 11 by Rafael Rafa http: There are many statues of ghosts and of devils in the temples which describe the after-life where people who disobey ancient Chinese morals are punished in every horrifying ways.History's Mysteries: Freaky Phenomena: Curious Clues, Cold Cases, and Puzzles From the Past [Kitson Jazynka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Curious kids itching for real-life Indiana Jones-like intrigue will get swept away with the next book in this spine-tingling series about solving puzzles of the past--from whole civilizations that have vanished to mystifying monuments. Looking for five freaky sex ideas? Well you've come to the right place, of course.

Freaky phenomena

These are five freaky sex ideas for those people who like to experiment and try new things. Bondage.

The 9 Most Bone-Chilling Mysterious Phenomena That Still Remain Unexplained

Using handcuffs, whips and other instruments is a great way to have some really freaky sex. . Into The Fray Radio, Hosted by Shannon Legro provides cutting edge alternative news into the unexplained.

Are you ready to go into the fray? The phenomenon bears some similarity to synchronicity, which is the experience of having a highly meaningful coincidence, such as having someone telephone you while you are thinking about phenomena invoke a feeling of mild surprise, and cause one to ponder the odds of such an intersection.


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One of the first scientists to experiment with thunderstorm electricity (even before Ben Franklin) was killed by BL. In , Georg Wilhelm Reichmann attempted to reproduce one of Franklin's thought-experiments. This huge collection of non-scary optical illusions and fascinating visual phenomena emphasizes interactive exploration, beauty, and scientific explanation.

Freaky Phenomena by Joel Levy