Family in the 1950s essay

For starters, most probably it was a two a parent household. Both a Mom and a Dad.

Family in the 1950s essay

Parson worked closely in his study of group dynamics with Bales. Furthermore, he emphasized that small groups which include families have distinct characteristics: Bales perspective implies that within a family, communication is more efficient than in larger social groups, that individual belief systems are balance with group interests and that expression of opinions or ideas are based on the level of involvement in the family Hochschild and Machung, Influenced by their partnership and his own systems theory, Parson stated that people act according to an action system which was made up of related behaviors of individuals within the society in the context of the environment Coontz, In this perspective, families belong to the societal community or the social integration of the various components of that society.

Thus the life patterns established and reinforced by American family life serve as foundation of social order and success. Analysis In the work of both Parson and Bales, there is significant emphasis on the idea of a model family which in turn is the foundation of model citizenry and society.

They also both emphasize the advantages of belonging to a family, or kinship organizations, and the traditional roles of parents and children.

Thus, the authors believe that subscription to the concept of an ideal family with all the traditional roles and functions, strengthen that social group.

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The family is highlighted as the primary social group in which people become dependent and committed to Coontz, The impact of family to individual socialization and development is also the reason for the development of social interventions to correct behavior or reinforce social standards Hochschild and Machung, This also implies that non-traditional families will have greater difficulties in being socially effective since the functional roles of members are not fulfilled.

There is now a more liberal opinion on what constitutes a family and the roles of its members Coontz, With this, there is a less degree of association between role and function within family groups: This is not to say that the theories lack validity: Hochschild and Machung recognize that families are the core of socialization, personality development and competency building.

However, social perspectives have significantly changed: All of which have given way to new interpretations and practice concepts of family Coontz,pp. The emphasis on models, in particular the role of husbands and wives in families, is not able to accommodate family set-ups that have developed changes in society such as gender roles, value systems or social systems and programs.

A deficiency that Coontz illustrated by the lack of family-friendly work policies and the penal approach towards those in need of interventions p. References Coontz, Stephanie The Way We Really Are: Penguin Parsons, alcott Essays in Sociological Theory, Revised Edition.

The Free Press Choose Type of service.The iconic s family of the breadwinner father going off to work and caregiving mother taking care of the homefront, has been described by economists as the most efficient family structure.

S Ideal family vs todays families | Essay Example

Everyone has a distinct job to do in their “separate spheres” of public and private life. - 's The 's were quite radical in fact, this is the decade that began rock n' roll, the civil rights movement, better family living, advances in technology, Fashion, medical research, other wonderful things this country was not used to seeing or hearing.

- The wilsons are what you would call a typical s american family. They consist of the father and husband Frank, housewife linda, oldest child Tommy age 17, Cheryl age 16, Mikey age 10, and Suzie age 8.

Thay are a white middle class family that lives in the suburb autside little rock, Arkansas. The s were a fascinating time in the United States that left an impressive mark on our society.

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Family in the 1950s essay

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Family in the 1950s essay

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s Ideal family vs todays families | Essay Example