Examples of business research topics

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Examples of business research topics

The Best Business Topics A page paper will not seem such a great deal of work if you have a broad and interesting topic to explore throughout it.

Business is rich in such topics. Here are several examples: Examine the policies used by companies to promote diversity in the workplace. Assess the positive effects from their implementation e.

Discuss whether governmental regulation of workplace diversity does more good or bad. Review the theoretical basis of performance-based pay.

Discuss main methods of linking employee payments to their performance. Find out which of these practices are most efficient today and why. Identify primary ethics concerns in a specific industry and the means companies can use to address them.

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Alternatively, you may compare business ethics laws in different countries, or investigate the reasons that corporate ethics policies do not work and offer ways for improvement.

Explore the history of partnerships between the government and private companies in your state. Identify the main advantages and disadvantages of this form of collaboration for both parties and for the public. Suggest the ways to make public partnerships more transparent and efficient.

Discuss the specific challenges of managing a small enterprise. Identify the features that all successful small companies share and suggest a course of action for a small business founder that can increase the likelihood of success.

Provide a brief overview of the history and main forms of franchising. Compare and contrast buying a franchise and launching a startup as two ways to start your own business.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches and conclude which one can work better in which cases. Investigate the arguments for and against business deregulation in your state and decide which side is right.

Examples of business research topics

Another way is to compare and contrast business regulation policies in two countries and find out which effects governmental regulations has on their economies. You may also compare two management techniques side by side. Begin with a brief overview of the business leadership concept and schools.

Choose the leadership training approach that you consider to be the most efficient. Word-of-mouth in the digital age. Point out the key opportunities and challenges for companies.Students have focused their research in several areas: Accounting, Economics, Finance, International, Management, Marketing, Public Policy.

Below are some of the topics students have research. Accounting Topics: Forensic Accounting: Detection and Prevention of Fraud Amy Brown Published in the PICPA Journal. Business Topics for Research Paper: Success of Small Businesses Though big companies have more sources for product enhancing and advertising, they sometimes lose small businesses in definite niches, such as bakeries, flower shops, coffee houses, and others.

The above examples of business related topics can develop a good research paper if properly approached and content found that is relevant. Examples of Business Law Topics Business law is the legal aspect of businesses that is related with or concerned with legal matters.

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Business Research Proposal Topics by Stephanie Faris - Updated June 28, If you’ve ever pursued an MBA, you’re probably all too familiar with the concept of a business research proposal.

Dec 15,  · Examples Of Business Research Topics. 1 a). Give an example of a well stated research topic from your area of study and justify why you think the problem is researchable.

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1 b). Write short explanatory notes on the following concepts or terms; i. Population and sample ii.

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