Essay on risk consciousness

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Essay on risk consciousness

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Susan Schneider Some things in life cannot be offset by a mere net gain in intelligence. The last few years have seen the widespread recognition that sophisticated AI is under development. AIs that outthink the smartest humans Essay on risk consciousness every domain, including common sense reasoning and social skills.

Superintelligence could destroy us, they caution. In contrast, Ray Kurzweil, a Google director of engineering, depicts a technological utopia bringing about the end of disease, poverty and resource scarcity.

Whether sophisticated AI turns out to be friend or foe, we must come to grips with the possibility that as we move further into the 21st century, the greatest intelligence on the planet may be silicon-based.

It is time to ask: When we experience the warm hues of a sunrise, or hear the scream of an espresso machine, there is a felt quality to our mental lives. A superintelligent AI could solve problems that even the brightest humans are unable to solve, but being made of a different substrate, would it have conscious experience?

Could it feel the burning of curiosity, or the pangs of grief? In an extreme, horrifying case, humans upload their brains, or slowly replace the parts of their brains underlying consciousness with silicon chips, and in the end, only non-human animals remain to experience the world.

This would be an unfathomable loss. Even the slightest chance that this could happen should give us reason to think carefully about AI consciousness. For the hard problem of consciousness assumes that we are conscious. After all, each of us can tell from introspection that we are now conscious.

Essay on risk consciousness

Why does all our information processing feel a certain way from the inside? In contrast, the problem of AI consciousness asks whether AI, being silicon-based, is even capable of consciousness.

It does not presuppose that AI is conscious — that is the question. These are different problems, but they are both problems that science alone cannot answer. I used to view the problem of AI consciousness as having an easy solution. Cognitive science holds that the brain is an information-processing system and that all mental functions are computations.

Given this, it would seem that AIs can be conscious, for AIs have the same kind of minds as we do: Just as a text message and a voice message can convey the same information, so too, both brains and sophisticated AIs can be conscious.

I now suspect the issue is more complex, however. It is an open question whether consciousness simply goes hand-in-hand with sophisticated computation for two reasons. First, a superintelligent AI may bypass consciousness altogether. In humans, consciousness is correlated with novel learning tasks that require concentration, and when a thought is under the spotlight of our attention, it is processed in a slow, sequential manner.

Only a very small percentage of our mental processing is conscious at any given time. A superintelligence would surpass expert-level knowledge in every domain, with rapid-fire computations ranging over vast databases that could encompass the entire internet.

It may not need the very mental faculties that are associated with conscious experience in humans. Consciousness could be outmoded.

Essay on risk consciousness

Second, consciousness may be limited to carbon substrates only. Carbon molecules form stronger, more stable chemical bonds than silicon, which allows carbon to form an extraordinary number of compounds, and unlike silicon, carbon has the capacity to more easily form double bonds.

This difference has important implications in the field of astrobiology, because it is for this reason that carbon, and not silicon, is said to be well-suited for the development of life throughout the universe.

These two considerations suggest that we should regard the problem of AI consciousness as an open question. Of course, from an ethical standpoint, it is best to assume that a sophisticated AI may be conscious.Man is living, has consciousness, and a sense of self consciousness.

Each level has an increasingly important factor.

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Each level has a parameter of understanding with concrete boundaries, even humans. new topic black consciousness movement essay Consciousness In The Snows Of Kilimanjaro new topic stream of consciousness in to the light house firm’s risk consciousness governs the underlying strategies that are employed by the enterprise.

To what extent do you agree with this ment? Unequivocally, the world has become a global village as. Risk for Aspiration Care Plan Assessment and Rationales A nurse should prepare for assessment as part of care plan for risk for aspiration distinguish its existence, possible causes and other episodes that might occur during nursing care.

The papers in this collection suggest that as well as being relevant to pregnant women and parents-to-be, ‘risk consciousness’ affects clinicians in very similar ways; it also raises the possibility that clinicians, through performing ‘risk management’, are also participating in the moral regulation of women and new families, an idea.

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