Development communication assignment

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Development communication assignment

The development of language and communication The development of language and communication Language and Communication Language is that tool of expression which is ever needed and is a prerequisite to begin with a discourse in the society.

In order to enable the interpersonal communication, language is the one that is made use of. The development of language is a process that starts very early in human life, as an infant begins to make disrupted sounds like jabbering, though this becomes a category of verbal communication, but it is also meaningful to identify that in the stage of preverbal communication child does respond through gestures and vocalizations that are enough to let the communication take place.

Language is an entity which is learned by every infant, and that language modifies itself according to the changing patterns and the beliefs in the society. Language is something which is though primarily responsible in helping a child acquire a cognitive recognition but at a personal level it is hearing that is the listening activity which is of prime importance The linguist List, n.

An infant only makes cooing or babbling sounds in response to whatever he hears and whatever he sees. Thus, the infants only relate to their surroundings and thus the communication only takes place at a minor level. Cooing and babbling in such cases can be seen as an early stage where the infant thus develop a language because of the natural gift of speech.

Sometimes there might occur the problem for the child as the speech might be delayed in a case, when one observes that the child is finding trouble in marking out that from where are the sounds coming. Normally a child would develop language and the communication skills from his surroundings.

Before developing that sense of language, they model themselves on the pedestal that Development communication assignment set by the adults who take care of them.


They learn from the dresses that are won by the parents, the body language that Development communication assignment use, table manners and such household activities Elsevier, Importance of Speech and Language It is important to know the difference between the speech and the language, speech is only a physical natural ability of any human being and language is something acquired and I developed through experience and age.

In order to check that there is a common plane between these two linguistic entities it is vital to see that they both advance through different stages in that process. There comes a point of debate if one wants to check the rate at which the children learn language, and according to research it is found that such rates vary from time to time.

Unilateral Hearing Loss In case it is seen that a child is taking a long time to identify that who is speaking or from where the sound is coming the same should be checked for Unilateral hearing loss.

This is a condition in which the child faces difficulty in understanding speech in crowded or the noisy situations. Thus, the blockage in the hearing process, cuts the way to understand the concept which is being expressed, thus there comes a gap between what is being said and the desired response in the same language, making the communication to fail Gale Cengage Learning, Moreover, because a child is developing the language once cannot expect from the child to fill any such gaps and create a language on his own.

A typically growing child may face a speech developmental problem if the child acquires a UHL problem, because he is then only able to hear from one ear and not hearing from the other ear. This problem thus delays the response. The disorder thus let the children have difficulty in speech and expression.

Moreover, with this problem in children it is seen that they become the slow learners and somewhere they lag behind the children who have developed their language skills with respect to normal rate. This disorder cause, irritability, frequent headaches and strain on ears and mind, isolation, anxiety among the children when there is noise in the background, they can easily get puzzled when there are multiple sounds present around, also it gives rise to evasive behavior and social complex.

There are seen chances when occurs the case of wrong interpretations of what kind of noise it might be. For sensory-neural hearing loss, it is found that the ghost beeps are heard by the children, facing this disorder stemming from the disrupted sensory system.

Speech and Language Disorders The adverse effect of UHL is that it affects speech and the language development pace of a child, the speech problem is the one that is there with the production of sounds and the disruption in language arises from the difficulty in joining the words together and communicating them in time and putting across the ideas.

Thus, there occur the speech disorders that become problematic to be resolved, and are largely time consuming while they are put to approach. The first can be Articulation Disorder, this reflects the disorder as there occurs the difficulty in producing sounds while syllables are confused that the speaker remains unsuccessful in putting the message across.

The disorder can also be Dysphagia that is a feeding disorderit has a difficulty with eating and swallowing food, thus letting the child not develop normally and thus is an obstacle in the overall development of the child.

The disorders also affects the cognitive development because the speech and the language remains disturbed during the overall growth years of a child, such can be seen as Receptive Disorders, it is a difficulty that the child faces with the interpretation of the message that has been put across to him, thus a language delay because there is a problem in understanding the same and knowing that hoe it is being processed.

Another is the Expressive disorder where lies a problem in putting words together because of the lack in understanding the grammar or the lexical system of a language, and thus it cannot be reproduced by the child in a societal domain, the way it is expected to be Jerger, To resolve the complexity of UHL stricken children The use of various Language intervention activities, like one should be careful that the child is present in a comfortable environment from where he finds it easy to listen to what is being expressed and that the position in which the child is seated should face the speaker, and especially the side from which the child should be able to listen to the person properly.

It is important at the part of the parents that they should initiate eye-contact with their children. As the main focus is to initiate hearing in such children, it is important to invoke their reaction to any expression that has been made by the parent or the guardian.

Thus, asking question is the one important technique that can be repeatedly used to initiate response from the children. Encouraging the children to answer back to the query helps them overcome any social complex or any such anxiety that is related to speech or language. The use of rich vocabulary by the adults helps them achieve an increased level of knowledge because in turn it enriches their experience and update their personal library of words in the language that they use.

Secondly, the use of Oral Therapy can be made, this means the exercise of the face, the jaw and lip modulation so that the muscles of the face could be strengthened and that would definitely help in healing the hearing or listening impairments McKay and Oyler, Also, it helps in making the eating and swallowing activities easy for the child.

According to the pediatricians and the speech experts the parental support is the best therapy that can heal a child off his hearing or language problematic.Development communication techniques contain information dissemination along with education, behavior alter, social marketing, sociable mobilization, media advocacy, verbal exchanges for social alter and community involvement.

Communication Theories Assignment No. 1 Role of Communication in the Development of Human Society Submitted to: Dr. Mehdi Hasan Dean SMC Department, BNU Submitted by: Zain Ali Bokhari MA Mass Communication (Semester I) Submitted on October 2, Introduction The word communication has been derived.

The development of language and communication. Language and Communication Language is that tool of expression which is ever needed and is a prerequisite to begin with a discourse in the society. Speech is the natural gift to the human kind and it enables one to develop his/her own set of language that is in correspondence with the needs of the society.

´╗┐Assignment Age Physical Development Intellectual and cognitive development Communication Development Social, emotional and behavioural development Moral development months *Legs not yet strong enough for holding weight when standing.

Personal & Professional development assignment for a big company. So a planned development scheme may work in order to fill the gap & run it in a proper way/5(). NIMCJ Verbal Communication and Nonverbal Communication Verbal communication is an act of conveying messages, ideas, or feelings through the use of mouth.

Development communication assignment

Verbal communication is the main way of communicating face-to-face.