Demonstrate how to respond to an individual s reaction when communicating

They display a workman like diligence, more plow horse than show horse.

Demonstrate how to respond to an individual s reaction when communicating

By Mike Rinder Comments This post was prompted by some back and forth with one of our commenters. It got me thinking, and though I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, sometimes I cast a bit of light onto the shadowy world of scientology.

I recently posted about the ineffectiveness of the massive investment scientology made into TV advertising.

Demonstrate how to respond to an individual s reaction when communicating

It has resulted in no appreciable increase in interest, though it is somewhat debatable that this is what they even care about rather than providing the latest reason to collect money from their members to buy more ads.

But that poses the question: With all the negative press and internet coverage it would appear to be a lost cause. Millions spent on ads only results in twitter posts, online comments and more media coverage deriding the efforts to suck people in, while repeating stories of abuse.

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They are always so contrived. That it does in fact provide the miracles it promises — increased IQ, decreased reaction time, curing all psychosomatic ills. Control over money… And on and on. Dozens of specific claims that are contained in the writings of L.

Ron Hubbard that are the gospel of scientology. Demonstrate those things are obtainable, routine results and the masses would literally be beating down the doors to get some of the miracles. Scientology would become the new Cabbage Patch Kids or Pokemon.

It would be a sensation. Just the improved reaction time promise would have every professional race car driver, tennis player, skeet shooter and boxer lining up at the door — and cost would literally be no object.

Nobody in those sports and many others besides would be able to compete without scientology auditing if it really did improve reaction time. It would be like every other athlete in the field was doping and in order to match their level, all would have to follow suit.

Some argue that matters of faith cannot be tested or measured. And that is of course true.

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But scientology, uniquely for a religion, claims there is no faith or belief required. That lends itself to measurement and study. Reaction time for example is EASY to measure. Could such a study be done? These sorts of study are conducted all the time.

We are not talking testing the claims about OT levels and recall of Whole Track. No, the really down-to-earth stuff that scientology claims. There are only be two limitations on the ability to conduct such a survey: Access to willing subjects to conduct the study on.

Scientology has plenty of money. For a fraction of what they spent on TV ads in the last couple of months, or foregoing the marble in the lobby and the custom rugs in the hallways of a couple of their empty ideal orgs, they could commission the most extensive study of scientology anyone could want.

They too have access to all scientologists. The people that actually believe scientology IS helping them. Not the hundreds of thousands or millions who have tried it and believe it is bunk.

Those conducting the study would have to figure out how to circumvent the natural inclination of scientologists to lie about their accomplishments in scientology, but people who do these sort of studied deal with bias all the time.

You can lie about whether you get sick or your headaches have been cured. BUT, if scientology really WANTED to promote this, and was sure of the outcome, they could instruct people to actually tell the truth in response to being asked about their medical history and they could be verified through medical records.

With a large enough sample, it would be possible to tell if scientologists are less likely to be sick than wogs.

Is their vision better than average? Have they actually thrown away their glasses after Dianetics? Hubbard made tremendous claims for scientology. His disciples continue to assert these claims today.Looks may help in the short run, but uniqueness wins out over time.

Here's how building attraction by playing the long game helps even the dating game. There are several different ways to respond to an individual’s reactions when communicating.

As communication is a two way process, it important to respond to show that I am listening and that I understand the information being given.

Demonstrate how to respond to an individual’s reactions when communicating Demonstrate how to establish the communication and language needs Demonstrate a range of communication methods and styles to meet individual needs.

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