Columbia law school courseworks

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Columbia law school courseworks

Major in History Students must complete a minimum of nine courses in the department, of which four or more must be in an area of specialization chosen by the student and approved by a member of UNDED. Students must also fulfill a breadth requirement by taking three courses outside of their specialization.

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Two of the courses taken in the major must be seminars including one seminar in the chosen specialization. The requirements of the undergraduate program encourage students to do two things: Students are required to complete a specialization by taking a number of courses in a single field of history of their own choosing.

For example, a student might choose to specialize in 20th C. The specialization does not appear on the student's transcript, but provides an organizing principle for the program the student assembles in consultation with UNDED. Gain a sense of the full scope of history as a discipline by taking a broad range of courses.

Students must fulfill a breadth requirement by taking courses outside their own specialization -- at least one course removed in time and two removed in space.

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Students specializing in the modern period must take at least one course in the pre-modern period; students specializing in the pre-modern period must take at least one course in the modern period. If the course proposed is in the same regional field as a student's specialization, special care must be taken to ensure that it is as far removed as possible; please consult with UNDED to make sure a given course counts for the chronological breadth requirement.

These two "removed in space" courses must also cover two different regions. Some courses cover multiple geographic regions.

Columbia law school courseworks

If a course includes one of the regions within a student's specialization, that course cannot count towards the breadth requirement unless it is specifically approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. For example, if a student is specializing in 20th C. Eligible inter-departmental courses may include: Any courses not listed or linked on the departmental website, however historical in approach or content, do not count toward the history major or concentration, except with explicit written approval of the UNDED chair.

Columbia law school courseworks

If you suspect a History course has escaped being listed at the above link and want to confirm whether or not it counts for History students, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator. Thematic Specializations Suitably focused thematic and cross-regional specializations are permitted and the breadth requirements for students interested in these topics are set in consultation with a member of UNDED.

Classes are offered in fields including, but not limited to:The Office of the University Registrar actively and directly supports scholarship, teaching, and learning at Columbia University in the City of New York.

Our work is the foundation of academic life throughout the student life cycle and supports the transmission of knowledge guided by the principles of integrity, collaboration, communication.

Nov 11,  · Columbia Law School Law Professor and President Emeritus Michael Sovern Reflects on ‘Improbable Life’ With the exception of a two year stint as a law professor in Minnesota, Sovern has spent his entire adult life at Columbia, an illustrious career engagingly recounted in his new autobiography, "An Improbable Life: My Sixty Years at Columbia.

Columbia’s learning management system, CourseWorks, is at the center of many instructional technology activities. CourseWorks is supplemented and enhanced by tools that support a range of instructional objectives, such as tools for online collaboration, presentations, lecture capture, audience response, media annotation, and electronic portfolios.

Columbia Business School’s degree and nondegree programs offer a rigorous foundation complemented by an attention to the decidedly modern factors — whether leadership skills or a stellar network — that are required for success.

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