Chapter 13 mypsychlab essay

Cognitive dissonance can occur in monkeys and even pre-school age children. This is an example of:

Chapter 13 mypsychlab essay

Homologs appear alike when viewed under a light microscope, but they may have different versions of genes, each called an allele, at corresponding loci. How many chromosomes are in the somatic body cells of a rabbit?

Unlike somatic cells, gametes contain a single set of chromosomes. Each gene on one homolog is aligned precisely with the corresponding gene on the other homolog.


The homologs remain attached because sister chromatids are still held together by sister chromatid cohesion even though some of the DNA may no longer be attached to its original chromosome. At least one crossover per chromosome must occur in order for the homologous pair to stay together as it moves to the metaphase I plate.

Meiosis produces not gametes but haploid cells that then divide by mitosis and give rise to either unicellular descendants or a haploid multicellular adult organism.

This event follows synapsis, an event unique to prophase I. A cell with a diploid number of 8 would have a haploid, or n number, of 4. The possible number of combinations of chromosomes would therefore be Ventricles Form four hollow interconnected chambers in the brain which are filled with cerebral spinal fluid Lateral ventricles (1st and 2nd ventricles) – largest ventricles, located in the left and Read More "Chapter 3 MyPsychLab".

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Chapter 13 Essays

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Chapter 13 mypsychlab essay

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