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Business plan our way forward picture

In this article Summary: Review the network component considerations below before implementing Skype for Business Server.

business plan our way forward picture

The information in these topics is also discussed in the whitepaper Network Planning, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting with Lync Server with additional details and depth. While the content refers explicitly to Lync and Lyncthe considerations for Skype for Business Server are unchanged.

Likewise, if your network involves wi-fi as well as wired access, the whitepaper Delivering Lync Real-Time Communications over Wi-Fi is a good reference and is equally applicable to Skype for Business Server.

Server hardware The network adapter of each server in the Skype for Business Server topology must support at least 1 gigabit per second Gbps. In general, you should connect all server roles within the Skype for Business Server topology using a low latency and high bandwidth local area network LAN.

The size of the LAN depends on the size of the topology: In Standard Edition topologies, servers should be in a network that supports 1 Gbps Ethernet or equivalent. For details, see Port and firewall planning. If your organization uses a Quality of Service QoS infrastructure, the media subsystem is designed to work within this existing infrastructure.

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For details, see IPsec exceptions. To provide optimal media quality, do the following: Provision the network links to support throughput of 65 kilobits per second Kbps per audio stream and Kbps per video stream, if they are enabled, during peak usage periods.

Video will likewise use Kbps total to carry an upstream and downstream connection. To cope with unexpected spikes in traffic and increased usage over time, Skype for Business Server media endpoints can adapt to varying network conditions and support three times the throughput for audio and video while still maintaining acceptable quality.

Do not assume that this adaptability will mask the problem when a network is under-provisioned. In an under-provisioned network, the ability of the Skype for Business Server media endpoints to dynamically deal with varying network conditions for example, temporary high packet loss is reduced.

For network links where provisioning is very costly and difficult, you may have to consider provisioning for a lower volume of traffic. In this scenario, let the elasticity of the Skype for Business Server media endpoints absorb the difference between the traffic volume and the peak traffic level, at the cost of some reduction in the voice quality.

Also, there will be a decrease in the headroom otherwise available to absorb sudden peaks in traffic.

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For links that cannot be provisioned correctly in the short term for example, a site that uses very poor WAN linksconsider disabling video for certain users. Provision the network to guarantee a maximum end-to-end delay latency of milliseconds ms under peak load.

For servers that are running antivirus software, include all servers that are running Skype for Business Server in the exception list to provide optimal performance and audio quality.

business plan our way forward picture

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